David & Michelle Godzisz

Missionaries to Mexico

Location: Juarez, Mexico

Email: info@algomas.cc









David and Michelle have had a heartbeat for Juárez, Mexico since their first mission trip to the city 17 years ago. Their love has been caught by their children, Maylee, Amaya and Brody. David and Michelle have served in multiple levels of the local church for nearly 14 years while organizing and leading mission teams from around the Southeast to the city of their hearts. They believe God has massive dreams for Juárez and they are excited to be a part of what He does there. They are also members of Maple Springs Baptist Church.

Algo Más is spanish for “something more”.

It was the drive behind the prayer leading to this moment and we believe that it is the desire for the people living in Juárez. Jesus is just that. He is something more. . . more than poverty, more than the world’s labels, more than traditions, more than any border, more than cartels. He is more.